We believe children are inspired and captivated by craft activities, which go beyond that moment and entertain and educate them.

Our lovingly made craft activity boxes are designed to help you bring thought and imagination to quality time with your child.

Designed for children of all abilities from four years, each craft box is personalised so children will love to receive them. They’re packed with at least four different activities to provide hours and days of playtime for all the family.

There’s no costly subscription, just order as needed!

Every box that we create is designed with 3 main focuses. They all contain an activity to get our kids to pop on their aprons and grab a wooden spoon with a simple kitchen activity.

Once they have dusted the flour off their noses, our boxes will have something to inspire them to swop their apron for their wellies and get outdoors. We also aim to give them a craft activity that they can engage with in imaginary play once the paint is dry and the glue is set.

Our craft, activity boxes encompass not just craft in the sense of paint and glue but with a broader aim of getting kids to be creative a number of different ways.


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