The Gift of Giving


This box teaches children the value of giving something hand made and the importance of reusing items to make something new. Creating a personalised gift is hours of fun and any season is a good time to give a gift – it’s extra exciting when it’s not expected. This box provides the enjoyment of giving something made with love – perfect for a special person in their life.

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Product Description

Splat Pink 20x20 Use our pattern to create a gift bag from different recycled paper. We give you the newspaper to make the first one but how about trying one in wrapping paper now that you have the pattern.

Splat Pink 20x20 A spot of colouring is required for your card and then some clever folding to create your own envelope.

Splat Pink 20x20 Now for the gift. Decorate up your jar into a crazy creature and get your apron on to make your caramel popcorn.  Fill your jar and use your newly created gift of giving bag to package it up.

Splat Pink 20x20 The gorgeous flower you make ties nicely onto your gift bag with the ribbon provided.

Splat Pink 20x20 When do we give gifts and why? Your season tree activity will not only keep you busy crafting up a paper bag tree, but gives you a chance to talk about giving at different times and for different reasons. Finish off your tree with your own mini pom pom pet.

Additional Information

Dimensions 26.5 x 22 x 9.5 cm

We strongly recommend using a general purpose glue for the best crafting experience and durability.

Food Elements

All our craft boxes contain a food element commonly found in supermarkets. Before using please read the label on the food packaging for content details and best before date. We cannot be responsible for any food allergies. Children must be supervised when preparing food in the kitchen. Please note the environment in which our boxes are packed is not an allergy free area.

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  1. Sara (verified owner)

    The season tree was excellent. Took a good amount of time to do. My daughter could do it with reasonable help and it looked like the image at the end!! So she felt proud of it too.

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