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Experiencing a sandy beach for the first time can make a life-long special memory. Going on holiday is extra special too. This adventure box helps children create their own excitement in the lead up to a holiday or re-live the memory of a past holiday. A box to engage the senses before, during and even after their beach experience.

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Product Description

Splat Purple20x20 Encourage them to keep their pennies safe for a holiday treat in their own, travel inspired, money box.  Draw and stick and then start to save.

Splat Purple20x20 A beach in a box – turning the box into a seaside scene with paper boats to make, a beach ball to cover, crinkle waves and foamy fish to stick in the waves. Colouring and creating this scene before adding the sand and shells and letting your imagination take you and your mini toys to warm places as you play with your beach box. 

Splat Purple20x20 Design your glider and measure how far it flies.

Splat Purple20x20 Get ready for sticky fingers, make your own sherbet filled mini bucket. 

Additional Information

Dimensions 26.5 x 22 x 9.5 cm

We strongly recommend using a general purpose glue for the best crafting experience and durability.

Food Elements

All our craft boxes contain a food element commonly found in supermarkets. Before using please read the label on the food packaging for content details and best before date. We cannot be responsible for any food allergies. Children must be supervised when preparing food in the kitchen. Please note the environment in which our boxes are packed is not an allergy free area.

4 reviews for Time to Travel

  1. Erika

    We had great fun with this. I loved the various elements to it. My son loved making the sea, adding fish, naming and describing each one and how they live in the sea. He loved adding the umbrella and decorating the beach ball. We loved the box and did all four craft in one day!

  2. Sofia

    This box kept my 4 year old very busy for quite a long time, something he does not normally do. He loved all the different steps, and they were just right for his ability. He likes to do everything himself so it was nice that he had the pictures in the instructions to help him along. We both enjoyed what was a nice selection of activities. A great experience.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sarah (verified owner)

    I got this box to cheer up my little one when he was going stir crazy with the chicken pox.
    It went down very well, he was particularly proud that it had his name on it and it was all his.
    Each activity was of very high quality and kept him amused for ages. I like the way that younger ones could do all parts of the activities but older children could elaborate on them if they wanted to.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anna (verified owner)

    I got this box on the lead up to our holiday. My 3 year old loved the different elements – it didn’t just keep her entertained for the whole afternoon but even now 3 weeks after our holiday she is still playing with her ‘beach’. The money box helped build up the excitement and she used it to save up her holiday spending money. I will be recommending this to friends and will definitely buy another box in the future.

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